Saturday, October 4, 2008


The multivitamins I'm taking look like those feed pellets you buy at the zoo to feed to goats, and smell like petting zoo pellets too. I'm not sure which of those two things is worse.

But, they're the only multivitamins I've ever taken that haven't made me really sick to my stomach, so that's nice. Based on what I've heard from my doctor and dietitian, it's possible that the prior kinds have all contained iron (a stomach irritant), and these don't. (Men don't need to take iron daily because our vaginas do not bleed monthly.)

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Anonymous said...

I don't take a daily multivitamin because I felt like I was always going to toss my cookies. Though, I had heard that the reason most women get sick from vitamins is from the folic acid that is added in the ones for women. No clue if that is true or not.

I love your subtle way of putting things.