Monday, October 27, 2008


Since my last fill-up, I have gotten about 26.5 miles per gallon in my new Honda Civic, about 14¢ per mile.  (It's rated for 36 highway, 25 city, or 29 combined.)  That's mostly city driving, with some parking-lot freeway driving and some late-night-open-road freeway driving mixed in.  I guess that's not so bad—2.5 below the combined estimate, which doesn't take into account that often when I'm heading to Seattle I'm doing so at well under 5 miles per hour for extended periods of time.  I've been paying down the principal much faster than required thanks to my saved-up car money and my review bonus, so I should have it paid off sometime early next year or so, and perhaps by then I'll be used to paying to fill up the tank, like a normal person.

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