Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gender pronouns

Over the past few days, I've gotten a few people calling me on the fact that my blog posts don't tend to use gender pronouns.  I really didn't even notice—it's just the way I find myself writing.  It can be challenging for me, a shy person, to publicize any of the important details of my life on the internet, especially under my real name.  So, I guess I tend to use language that obscures details without even having to try.  I think that in the back of my mind, it makes me feel a little safer.  But, it's admittedly awkward, and seems vaguely deceptive, and I really am trying to open up from time to time (what else would the point of all this be?), so I'll try to be on watch for future incidents.  Just so all of my cards are on the table, I'll clarify my previous relationship-related posts from saying that I'm dating a really great someone to saying that I'm dating a really great guy. I've got a boyfriend, for those of you who I don't interact with daily and aren't Facebook friends with me and were thus probably unaware.  (I mostly gave up on obscuring that particular detail quite a while ago, but I don't tend to just volunteer random personal facts about myself, so don't feel too out of the loop if you didn't know.)

I will try to be more specific in the future. Until I forget.

Currently listening (really): Katy Perry—I Kissed a Girl


Günter said...

Your "currently listening" almost made me do a spit take. It sounded like this: "Hmm-hmm-hmm-hca-cckkckah (gulp) ha ha ha ha."

Anonymous said...

I hope I get to meet him soon.

Anonymous said...

You did not kiss a girl. And if you did I certainly hope you didn't liiiike it.

Travis said...

Hey, it's a darned catchy song.