Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eight days

I went eight days without Diet Coke (or any pop of any kind).  This is the longest I've done so in literally decades—I must have been just starting elementary school the last time that happened.  It may have even been longer ago.  In the last decade, besides those eight days in a row, there probably weren't even eight more noncontiguous days where I didn't drink pop of any kind.  It was a big thing for me.

On Tuesday I had one, and today I had another one.  My dietitian seems to think it will be fine if I have an occasional Diet Coke, as long as I limit it to no more than one a day, and preferably have one with food and without caffeine.  It's pretty inconvenient and unpleasant to have water with lunch, so that's probably when I'll have it.  It's nice to have my addiction back, at least a little bit.


Henry Schimke said...

Keisha was the same way about pop until fairly recently. Now she actually seems pretty willing to consume water during meals, the magic of weight loss without changing any of her other eating habits was just too much of a lure.

Travis said...

I guess I'm kind of the opposite. Losing out on Diet Coke is one of the worst parts of all this. It pairs well with almost any good and is tasty by itself. Water by itself just makes an already-disappointing healthy meal even more disappointing.

Andy Misle said...

Yeah, pop! God, I miss the midwest.