Saturday, September 20, 2008


I think I need an ultracompact camera that I can just take with me wherever I go. The fact that my camera is large and I often want to switch lenses to get a better picture has drastically decreased my desire to take snapshots. I'm not Asian, so I can't just take my dSLR with me wherever I go. It would be nice in theory to have a tiny camera for snapshots. My crappy free phone takes terrible, terrible pictures in which you can barely tell what the picture was supposed to be of, and my old point-and-shoot camera from college is huge by today's standards, and not in the greatest shape.

What I haven't decided is if it would be better to upgrade my phone, or get a standalone camera. I'm leaning toward sacrificing image quality for the much greater convenience of having my camera be my phone. The Blackberry Curve looks fairly interesting, and is about a hundred bucks cheaper than a nice camera.

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