Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bizarre quirk eliminated

Well, today is the day that I eliminated one of the bizarre quirks that set me apart from other people—I now finally own a car, allowing me to easily and conveniently (and expensively) go places that are more than a few miles away. In contrast to eschewing normal transportation for my insane two-wheeled scooter, I've made a complete about-face and bought the most common and boring car imaginable: a Honda Civic.

I didn't want to. I swear it. I wanted to get something less commonplace. I actually loved the look of the Mazda3 and the Mazda6, and the price was great (invoice + $0 down + 0.0% APR), and I actually really liked both cars as soon as I took them for a spin, but that stopped the moment I began to drive the Civic. I love everything about it except for the exterior appearance, which is perfectly fine but just really boring. I was shooting for a nice slate blue, but I started to like this smokey grey that I ended up getting. So at least maybe it won't be so hard to find it in a parking lot. I bargained them down $1,500 (roughly the difference between MSRP and invoice), which I guess I'm happy enough with, though not thrilled.

Biggest surprise of the day: how incredibly friendly the Mazda salesman was. He didn't pressure me in the slightest, ever. He didn't try to sell me a single accessory, and was perfectly willing to sell me a car at invoice with no arguments (he even suggested it; he said there'd be no way he'd let me pay MSRP). In fact, he even drove me to the Honda dealership (I had taken the bus) in the Mazda that had previously won my love. I almost felt bad not buying a car from him.

Weirdest sales pitch of the day: one of the Honda representatives seemed pretty proud to tell me that the Honda Civic was the most popular car in America according to car thieves (which I already knew).

So... now I'm a little more normal. Oh well. It had to happen sometime.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! I hope I'll get to ride in it soon!