Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So, Rhapsody did a thing where the first batch of people who created accounts on their MP3 store got a $10 credit, so I did. I used it as an opportunity to buy some singles that I really like that are on albums that I don't. There are some fun tracks in there that I kind of forgot existed.

Alicia Keys—Fallin'
Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott—Hero
Dave Matthews Band—I Did It
Eurythmics—Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
50 Cent—In da Club
Filter—Hey Man Nice Shot
Orgy—Blue Monday
Orgy—Fiction (Dreams in Digital)
t.a.t.u.—All the Things She Said
Unwritten Law—Seein' Red

I also ended up buying two albums from Amazon as a result of my little trip down memory lane: Superfast by Dynamite Hack, and Fuego by Trinity Hi-Fi. So, all in all, I think I got a pretty good deal for my 89¢.

Currently listening: Chali 2na—Come On

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