Saturday, July 12, 2008

Poll results

Well, the results from the little test poll I ran a few days ago turned out roughly as I expected. People prefer text, and they're split about 50-50 in whether they like to read it on the site or through an RSS reader. Only two people were interested in the idea of a Sleepless in the Seattle Metro podcast.

I was actually curious what it would be like to record myself reading a few of my posts, so I did. It was kind of amusing for a while, if a bit time-consuming. I don't really have anything in mind to do with those recordings, though, so they just sit on my computer. I don't actually even know what people do to listen to podcasts—if they just download MP3s and stick them on their player, or if there's some standard RSS thing, or what. I was interested partly because I want to, relatively soon, record myself giving a few short demos and tutorials of the World of Warcraft mods I've created, as one in particular is pretty hardcore, and difficult to get started with. They'd be videos, but I'd just be a voice-over.


Unknown said...

You can add podcasts to your Zune and it will automatically download new casts/posts and sync them for you.

That is how I would subscribe to a podcast.

Travis said...

I know that... I mean from a technical aspect. I am not actually familiar with how they're set up. An RSS file of posts that happen to link to .mp3s? An RSS file of direct links to .mp3s? Something else entirely? I'm not actually super-interested in the answer; I'm half just saying that I don't know.