Sunday, July 13, 2008


After some effort tweaking, I've finally set up Firefox's UI exactly the way I want it. Tiny bar at the top with the only commands I care about, menu bar hidden, all bookmarks quickly accessible from a menu ("Favs"), and tabs at the bottom. No wasted space. It doesn't look as nice as IE, but it's faster to use.

(Extensions used: Tab Mix Plus, Hide Menubar. "Favs" is the only entry in my Bookmarks Toolbar, which I've moved to the main toolbar.)


Unknown said...


Andy Misle said...

Tell me you purposely planted that NAMBLA tab there for the screenshot.

What ever happened to you favorite NetCaptor? Dead?

Travis said...

The list of tabs in my screenshot was, of course, crafted especially for the amusement value. :)

NetCaptor has been dead for a couple years now, and I've been using Firefox pretty much full-time for roughly four years now. I still use Internet Explorer for some sites (and just about everything on the corporate network), but I use Firefox for personal browsing due to the vastly larger community of useful add-ons. With extensions, Firefox has everything that NetCaptor did, and only crashes approximately as often.

Matthew Johnson said...

With the Glasser Firefox extension (along with the ones you're already using) I have Firefox looking as close to IE as I want. Admittedly, Glasser is still under development, but the latest version hasn't crashed Firefox yet for me!