Saturday, July 12, 2008


One thing that I hate about having my own place and being a little bit of a clean freak is that I can spend hours each weekend just tidying up before I even realize it. Mostly all I can remember doing today so far is making lunch, taking a shower, and then sitting down to write that last post. But I've been up for hours. What exactly did I do? I guess I did the dishes and started laundry. There was more, but I've already forgotten.

This is a problem for me. On one hand, I need a certain amount of relaxed stress-free mindless activity on the weekend to balance out the more "serious recreation" like playing games if I want to be in the best state of mind for the next week. On the other hand, one of my biggest perceived problems in my personal time management skills is that I "lose" a lot of time like this. I'm easily distracted, and I don't seem to have the memory capacity to recall what I just spent my time on.

At some point I will probably try to get serious about losing some weight and getting healthy and all that stuff. But before that, I need to know that I can actually manage my time correctly. The biggest thing preventing me from working out more and starting a diet program and all that is not how much I absolutely despise it (that's second); it's the time commitment. Time is my limiting resource more than anything else. If a program of diet and exercise cuts into my relaxation and gaming time, it simply won't work. My stress level will immediately rise, and to reduce it I could either focus on the one activity that significantly reduces my stress level, or the activity that significantly increases it. I already know which one I'll choose.

Before I can be truly successful at improving my overall fitness, I fear that I'll need to come up with a system of dealing with my inability to remember things I've just done moments prior, so I can keep myself on track, so I can make sure that I'm "wasting" the amount of time that I want to waste.

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