Sunday, July 13, 2008


One thing I always admired about the Finder on Mac OS is that you could set it to spring folders open if you dragged a file on top of them for a second. It made squirreling files away into a complex folder hierarchy really simple, which would be nice because it's something I do all the time. Assuming you had a folder visible somewhere on your desktop or another window, you could drag to that icon, hold it there for a second, and then that folder would open up, and then you could find your next destination folder, hold it there for a second, and then the next folder would open up, and you'd keep doing this until you got to your eventual destination. Once you found it, you'd let go, and the file would be moved there, and then all of those windows that sprung open would close themselves.

I really want that feature on Windows. Given equal software and hardware support I'd still choose Windows over Mac OS any day of the week, but that feature was so useful I'm still longing for it a decade later.


Andy Misle said...

Thanks for the love :) Spring-Loaded Folders are still alive and well on Mac OS X... but I understand you won't be switching anytime soon.

I can't believe anyone hasn't made some sort of add-on hack for Windows. It is supposed to work in an Explorer "tree" view and the Start menu, though... Not quite the same as icon view.

Travis said...

Yeah, I use it on the Start menu and rarely in the Explorer tree view, but it was just more fun in regular folder windows. The way I do things today is a little more error-tolerant, though, since I can use the Back button on my mouse if I make a mistake, instead of having to start all over, but spring-loaded folders were just more magical.