Sunday, June 1, 2008

Victoria, by sea

I spent yesterday in Victoria, British Columbia, at the Butchart Gardens. Well, technically, I spent most of yesterday traveling to and from the gardens. It probably should have been a multi-day trip, but at least I got to see most everything there for a little while. I took the Victoria Clipper, and I have to say, traveling by boat is certainly more pleasant than traveling by plane. It was not as fast as a plane direct route would have been—under three hours versus under one hour. But, the amount of time I'd have sat at the airport waiting in lines would have been much greater—there weren't even metal detectors at the port, so customs took just a couple minutes. The seats were much roomier, with many areas where a party could sit facing each other around a table, and you could roam the boat at will. And, it was about half the cost of the cheapest flight I could find.

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