Monday, June 30, 2008

Vacation, interrupted

I was intending to take a vacation in a couple weeks—take a week off and stay home, that sort of thing. I probably also would have taken a day or two to go explore someplace interesting. But I somehow just today remembered that this is the least relaxing part of the year possible, at least for me. It's hot, and I just don't deal with heat well, despite living in a warmer climate for most of my life. Even with air conditioning it's not very comfortable to be home. I'd rather work, 'cause if I stay home anytime soon, it's not going to be relaxing, and if I'm not relaxing, I might as well not burn vacation time. So, maybe in a couple months.

I was planning on having a kitchen remodel coincide with my vacation at least partially, since I'd be more free to stay home and monitor the work, pick out countertops and cabinets, and all of that kind of stuff. But I think I'll postpone that too. Maybe I'll start the remodel in September or so.


Anonymous said...

October would be the month I would suggest. By then the rainy season should be starting, and temps will be more to your liking.

Travis said...

I don't really need to plan anything. I'm just going to see when the weather starts to become more agreeable, and then take some time off. Lack of family provides flexibility.