Thursday, June 26, 2008

Teeth whitening

Someone asked on Tuesday if I had whitened my teeth. I had not, and I answered thusly. But I looked in the mirror today, and sure enough, they're whiter than I was remembered them being. When I was younger, I noticed that my teeth would turn white when I was really sick.

So, that's sort of slightly worrying.


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered if you whitened your teeth. They are incrediably white, compared to most people's teeth.

I think part of it is you tend to avoid some of the things which stain teeth (coffee, smoking, etc...) Though, I would think the amount of soft drinks I see you chug would have some impact on it...but than again, you drink it in such a way that it doesn't touch your teeth.

You lucky bastard!

Travis said...

I brush once a day and the vast majority of liquid that I drink is dark brown. I have whitened my teeth in the past, but not anytime recently; the over-the-counter stuff only lasts for a few months anyway.