Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wide Angle

The short version:
Sia—Colour the Small One: 7/10
Hybrid—Wide Angle: 5/10

One CD that I've listed to quite a bit recently is Sia's second, Colour the Small One. It's not quite as good as her most recent, but noticeably better than her first. The sound is definitely more similar to her recent work than her debut, but more melancholy and reserved than either. For a taste of what it sounds like, try Breathe Me (video), Where I Belong, and Numb (animated video).

I've also been listening to Wide Angle by Hybrid, and I haven't been that impressed. It's a bit more trance-y than I'm usually in the mood for, which hurts my opinion of it. I guess "cinematic trance electronica" probably describes it about as well as I can. You'd be better off listening to If I Survive (video), Sinequanon, and Altitude (Red Square Reprise).

Currently listening: Morcheeba—Wonders Never Cease

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