Sunday, May 4, 2008

All Along the Watchtower

The third season of Battlestar Galactica ended with a cover of the Bob Dylan song All Along the Watchtower. I've listened to several versions today, and I like the Battlestar version considerably better than the others. I think that these are the best I've come across, in order of increasing how-much-I-like-them-ness.

Bob Dylan (original)

Eric Clapton and Lenny Kravitz (live)

Seph and the Bloods (never heard of 'em until now)

Bear McCreary and BT4 (Battlestar Galactica version)


G√ľnter said...

No love for Jimi Hendrix?

Andy Misle said...

...or Dave Matthews? I think your choice of versions depends on which you heard first.

Travis said...

I heard the Jimi Hendrix version and the Dave Matthews version, but I'm not a Dave Matthews fan (I only like "I Did It" and "Work it Out" with Jurassic 5) and I didn't really like it; the Jimi Hendrix version was decent and probably would have been my #5 if there were five.

The Battlestar Galactica version is far more powerful and interesting to me than the others, and has my favorite vocals to boot. I admit that it was the version I heard first, but only by a few hours. I'd heard it only twice before hearing the other versions.