Tuesday, April 29, 2008

YouTube subscriptions

I was thinking earlier tonight... YouTube channels are, for a lot of people, basically video blogs. Personally, I'd rather read what people have to say than hear them say it (podcasts), or watch and hear them say it (YouTube). (Or, in most cases, none of those things.) I'm only subscribed to one channel on YouTube, that of Chris CendaƱa, and that's just because he can sing.

Actually, though, there's some appeal to the idea of posting my thoughts in video form instead of text. You can get a lot more nuance in speech than text, and I really like talking. The downside is that I hate the sound of my voice, don't like the way I look all that much, and greatly enjoy being able to edit and correct and fine-tune my text whenever I want. I wouldn't worry about Sleepless in the Seattle Metro Area becoming a YouTube channel anytime soon.

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