Friday, April 25, 2008


Occasionally when I search for music on I get pointed at one of the Pure Moods compilation CDs. I remember that they used to advertise all the time on something that I watched when I was much younger—maybe The X-Files? So, I decided to click on the most recent CD in the series, Pure Moods IV, and see how many of the songs on there I already own on other CDs. There are 18 tracks, and I own eight already. That seems like a lot. Maybe I should be compiling the Pure Moods CDs.

I already own the CDs that contain the tracks from:
Delerium and Sarah McLachlan
Secret Garden
Yann Tiersen
Paul Schwartz
Afrocelts and Peter Gabriel

And I own different albums or compilations containing tracks from:
George Winston

So, seeing as I already own more than half of it, it seems like a bad idea to pick up this CD. On the other hand, I guess that it must be a pretty good disc since I know I like at least ten tracks on it. (Actually, I listened to samples of the ones I didn't already own, and I was not too thrilled.)

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