Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Area 52-zero

Since I mentioned my odd and/or lazy way of writing the lowercase letter "a" in a previous post, I was asked how you tell the difference between it and "z". Here's an image to demonstrate "a," "z," and "2."

Z is the easiest letter to tell apart since I've crossed my Z's and 7's for about ten years now. The tough one is A and 2, but about half of the time I curl the number 2 so it's more distinct, and the other half of the time you can tell what it is from context.

I try to write a bit more legibly if I'm writing something that someone else needs to read, but writing significantly less legibly is slightly faster, so I kinda default to that.

Fun related fact: when I was designing this blog template I got most of my feedback from one person. Like everyone else, I had to prod him to give any sort of negative criticism. The only comment I got at first was that I needed to choose a different font for the header.

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Anonymous said...

I like the way you write - it is very unique.