Monday, April 14, 2008

Adult education

Another mini-dream for you:

I was sitting in a classroom next to one of my coworkers. We had been sent there from Microsoft to verify the technical accuracy of one of their courses. The instructor was very late in getting things set up, so the class had become restless and was looking through the goody bags that we'd been given. I pulled out a card from my bag and my coworker and I examined it. At the top was the logo of the place—eLern Adult Education—which was a complete ripoff of the eBags logo. The card said that it was good for a free beginner-level course for the friend or family member we gave it to. It also stipulated that it was not valid for us or anyone on our staff. Then, in his best imitation of Darrell Hammond on Saturday Night Live imitating Sean Connery on Celebrity Jeopardy, he said, "Your mother was on my staff last night, Trebek."

And then I awoke to the sounds of my alarm.

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