Saturday, March 15, 2008

Superheroes happen here

I dreamed that I was at a team-wide meeting at work, and one of the program managers was up in front of everyone arguing that we should change the UI styles of the feature I'm working on.

Him: What font is it using?
Me: Um, Segoe UI 9.
Him: That's so boring. Everything uses that font. What colors?
Me: Um, black, white, and blue.
Him: That's stupid. We need something exciting.

He complained that it wasn't sleek enough. For a demonstration, he logged into World of Warcraft to show us his UI (WoW lets you replace the UI with your own), which was minimalist and futuristic, with a superhero theme. He had added a lot of mods that made the game look like a comic book—when he attacked monsters or they attacked him, Batman-style "BIFF!" "BAM!" starbursts would appear on his screen. During this "presentation" my own program manager just yelled out "come on, this is bullshit!" which was fairly awkward.

He played for about five minutes or so, and never got to the thing he wanted to show as inspiration for our UI. At that time, he got a Facebook notification popup, and it appeared over his WoW window. I don't remember the exact text, but it was somebody's status update, and it was pretty offensive, at least as things that appear in popups while you're giving a presentation go. It was something very close to this:

At that point, my manager's manager stood up and told him that that was enough. He was pretty annoyed that he never got to show his idea, but he sat back down and shut up. Then the dream ended.


Anonymous said...

I think work has finally gotten to you!

Anonymous said...

Travis, you have some weird dreams, but I think that with this one your mind has finally turned on you in vicious conquest.