Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sleeping naturally

As of late I've been unable to wake myself up using an alarm—or rather, I've had even less luck with it than usual. I'm just waking up when my body decides it's time to, ignoring the alarm clock or shutting it off subconsciously. Normally I'd think that that was probably healthy, and I could maybe even turn off the alarm and just try it out for a week, but I'm sort of on call this week (more specifically, on email), and I need to be awake and accessible when normal people are awake. I just need to be extra vigilant about getting to bed early enough. Unfortunately, this hasn't been happening because I've been better about working out recently, and as I've previously identified, I can seemingly choose to sleep, exercise, or neither, but never both.

Currently listening: Goldfrapp—A&E (sillyvideo, beautiful song)

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