Monday, March 3, 2008

Misaddressed mail finally pays off

My email alias at work is very frequently mistyped by other people, so I end up getting a lot of peoples' mail. Sometimes it's weird personal stuff, like information about someone's kids' upcoming cheerleading competitions (this one has happened three times or so already), or someone's travel itinerary, and rarely it's particularly confidential, like some corporate strategy in some area of the company that I didn't know existed, and the sender will follow-up with what I call the "holy crap please destroy that mail immediately and don't share it with anyone" email. (Serious business is serious business.) I get some sort of misaddressed mail on average about once a day.

Today I got another misaddressed package delivery. It turned out to be a box of hardware for Microsoft Game Studios. I informed the person it was supposed to be for, and he came and picked it up from my office a couple hours later. For my troubles I received copies of Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties for Windows, and Mass Effect for the 360. Finally, misaddressed mail pays off!

Now I just have to decide whether it's worth waiting for the PC release of Mass Effect (May 6) and making a trade.

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