Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Economic stimulus

So, I got a letter from the IRS today. It's a letter informing me that in May I'll get another letter. That letter will tell me whether or not I'm going to get mail from them yet again including a check. There is, of course, no value in the mail I got today; it doesn't tell me anything. It doesn't even tell me that I'll be getting any money, but rather just that I'll get another letter that will contain actual information before I get a check, if I do get one. It's the same thing that happened like half a decade ago. Apparently they didn't get anything from all of the people who complained about the pre-pre-check letter letter last time.

Lewis Black says that $34 million is how much it cost to send everyone mail about it last time it happened. I'm sure glad to see that my money is being spent responsibly.

Anyway, this post was just an excuse to link to this:

Lewis Black—Tax Rebates and Common Sense (2002)

It isn't his best stuff, but at least it's a very topical rant.

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