Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bialystock and Bloom

When I perform annoying mindless tasks, I often find myself humming or talking or beatboxing or something else to take my mind off of what I am doing. Today while vacuuming, I bizarrely found myself repeating the line "Bialystock and Bloom! Bialystock and Bloom!" line spoken by Ulla in The Producers, which I haven't seen in about six months. I don't have a clue what brought that to mind. Did Ulla vacuum in either of those movies? I thought she just answered phones and danced.

I guess six hours or so spent today qualifies it as "spring cleaning."

Currently listening: Enya—La SoƱadora


Matthew Beermann said...

I read this post to Adam, who immediately announced, "Oh God, I've done that too!"

Travis said...