Monday, February 18, 2008

Wall-to-wall... wall-to-wall!

(The post in which I reveal one of my most private Facebook- and Jennifer Connelly-related secrets... if not THE most private Facebook- and Jennifer Connelly-related secret I have!)

Facebook allows you to write public messages on your friends' "walls," a place for just that. You can go into a "wall-to-wall" view where it shows the messages that you and the other person have written on each others' walls in a conversation view. The best and/or worst part about that feature, though, is that every time I see a link with the text "wall-to-wall" I think of the movie Requiem for a Dream, and that scene at the end of the movie where an old guy excitedly yells "wall-to-wall!" at Jennifer Connelly, except the word "wall" is replaced with something else (sort of safe for work; requires YouTube login).

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Anonymous said...

Maybe this would make more sense if You Tube didn't want me to sign in or log on (so I can't see the clip)...*shrug*