Thursday, February 21, 2008


I dreamed that a group of people from work, myself included, were flying off to some conference or something, and we were all stopped by the TSA agents at the airport. They sat me down at the table, and then the man requested my driver's license and boarding card. He instructed me to hold them by the upper-left corners of both using the forefinger and thumb of my right hand. Then he asked me to put another set of fingers in a different place, rotate the cards 90 degrees, and then show them to him. Then he asked me to switch fingers so that I had a free hand again, move the cards over my wallet, which was also sitting on the table, and then pass my hand over the card twice. Instructions like these continued quickly, and I started to fall behind, not understanding what exactly I was supposed to do or why I was doing it. Each time I failed we started over, and the TSA agent got more frustrated. Finally, he just took my cards and demonstrated for me, and as he got toward the end of the motions I said, "hey, you're just trying to make my wallet disappear!"

The TSA agent burst into laughter, and once he could talk again, he admitted "yeah" and continued laughing. I picked up my ID, boarding card, and wallet, and asked if we were done. Still laughing, he nodded, and I left for the gate.

(A boarding card is something that was invented in my dream. It looked kind of like a mini golf score card, but it was what I got instead of a standard boarding pass in the dream.)

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