Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lords of the Underworld

What does it say about you when the only Rock Band song for which your vocals were complimented was the one by Timmy from South Park?

Actually, I think that the game sums up what it says about you pretty well: somewhere between 50 and 60%. (For the record, I did manage like a 98 or something on (Don't) Fear the Reaper, even though I didn't know the song. Other performances were very unimpressive.)

I still loathe the game. But mad Travis-props for including a song by a fictional retarded character in the set list.


Anonymous said...

What difficulty were you playing on? That makes a huge difference.

Personally, the few times I have heard you sing, I thought it sounded very nice.

Travis said...

Easy, duh.

Anonymous said... that way.

Derrick Stolee said...

yeah, 98% on vocals is pretty impressive since each phrase counts as a "hit" only when you get an "Awesome" rating on it. Streaks are low, too.

Anonymous said... I am confused. I've been playing Rock Band on hard for the vocals, and I tend to end most songs in the 80-90% range. Unless the singer is singing in a rather weird vocal range, I just don't find it all that hard. Yet you guys are saying that it's pretty hard to get streaks and phrases? Makes no sense (trust me, I am not that great a singer!)

Derrick Stolee said...

The difference is that I regularly hit 96+ on the instruments.