Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Double Dare

Today was my first time paintballing. I had a pretty good time, and I feel that I did reasonably well. It's not something I could really see myself doing that often; it's really expensive, but more than that, it's really, really gross. I have a strong aversion to "gross" things, and paintballing was just nasty. I felt like I was on the set of Double Dare. Everything was coated with a layer of slime, and the turf oozed as you stepped on it, like an outdoor carpet after the rain, except this was indoor. The ooze was paint that had seeped in. After a game my pants were soaked in sticky paint, not from being hit, but simply from absorbing it from the turf and bunkers. I've probably washed my hands at least two dozen times since then, and they still feel unpleasant.

But, it was fun. I escaped with only the most minor of injuries; my right hand bled a little, but it's hardly noticeable now. The other hits didn't leave any marks. Not sure if I'll ever do it again, but at least now I can see that I've played paintball.

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