Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spare parts

One thing that cars have going for them is that spare parts are available for them for a long time. Segway owners do not have this luxury. Most of the parts for my four-year-old model are no longer manufactured. I called Segway of Jacksonville today to order a spare tire. I don't need one, but I certainly will someday, and I would rather have to keep a tire lying around in a closet than wait a week or two to get one when I need it in the future. It's probably a good thing that I did, because the person on the other end said that she is pretty sure that tires for the Segway i170 are no longer manufactured; she had just heard that the original style of batteries has already been discontinued. Imagine the uproar if you bought a car four years ago and spare parts were no longer manufactured. (Well, actually, I assume that this doesn't happen; maybe this happens with cars too, but enough parts are manufactured so that supply is abundant for years to come.)


Anonymous said...

Is there a Segwey aftermarket?

Travis said...

Not really. Right now, I can get parts for the i180, the next model of Segway, which has compatible parts that don't visually match the original ones. (Actually, I think one of my wheels is an i180 wheel already; it's a different color.)

i167 -- i170 (mine) -- i180 -- i2 (current)

What will be particularly unfortunate is when i180 parts are no longer available. My best bet for that not happening is hoping that a lot of the police departments and other large organizations who bought Segways for business use have i180s, which will help to extend the availability of parts.