Sunday, January 20, 2008

In Cold Blood

At dinner today I watched Capote, the recent drama about Truman Capote as he wrote his apparently-famous book In Cold Blood. It's a decent enough movie, but not one I can really say I could love. I could see how it appealed to so many critics: the acting, story, and cinematography are all well-done. It just didn't interest me enough. Or, maybe I would have liked it more if the main character didn't talk like Milton from Office Space throughout the whole movie.

YouTube clips that might be useful in illustrating my point:

Milton (jump to 3:00 or so)
Capote (jump to 1:15 or so)


Anonymous said...

"Murder by Death" actually has Truman Capote acting in it. He did seem to have a rather interesting way of speaking. However, it has been a rather long time since I watched "Office Space", so I couldn't tell you how accurate it is to how the real Capote spoke.

Personally, I just can't imagine a movie about a guy writting a book would be very interesting.

Travis said...

I'm sure it's great if you're looking for a movie with character development and a lot of talking, watching the main character slowly lose his mind after being absorbed in his work. There are certainly times when I want to watch a slow drama that makes me feel like I'm reading literature. But I don't think yesterday was that time.

It wasn't EXACTLY like Milton; it was like a whinier, less stuttery version of him.

I found some YouTube clips and I'm going to update the main post.