Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday already

Well, it's Friday already. I really don't have much of a sense of time anymore. But, I can say that I'm doing better. The fever and chills were gone by yesterday, and as of last night I at least feel well enough to sit in front of the computer and write some code and some documentation. Not exactly firing on all cylinders, but doing well enough to get by. The hope is that I'll continue to recuperate over the weekend, and by Monday I'll be ready to return to work. Assuming that things continue at their current rate, I should be okay.

And next year I'll remember to go get that flu shot. I always intend to get it, but I'm always busy during the window in which it's available and miss it. With as much money as my illness has cost my overlords, you'd think that it would be worthwhile for them to incentivize getting that flu shot. I dunno; give people a Windows or Xbox game for getting it or something. Maybe it's not legal for companies to encourage their minions to be injected with chemicals.

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