Thursday, January 17, 2008

Convenient, but weird

I'm somewhat convinced by now that the security system is in some way connected to the elevator system here. I think that when somebody swipes their badge to get in through the front doors, if there are any unused elevators at the time, one returns to the first floor. More than half the time when I enter the building, an elevator immediately opens for me as soon as I round the corner, even though there's no one around who could have pushed the button. It's weird. Convenient, but weird.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it has a motion sensor of some sort. Mine seem to open when I just walk by (although it doesn't happen everytime so it could just be coincidence with someone swiping their card when it does happen). Or it could be ghosts...yes, definately ghosts.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that whenever there are no requests for elevators, they're supposed to return to the first floor and open their doors. I've walked by many times and seen that they're sitting there with their doors wide open, when nobody else was around or in the building.

Unknown said...

I think every bank of elevators should be configured in such a way that there is always at least one elevator open and ready to go on teh main floor when possible. I was actually thinking about this concept while waiting for an elevator this morning.