Tuesday, January 22, 2008

But I can't say it's NOT working

Sunday night a few hours before I went to bed, I started feeling really awful. Coughing, mostly. Then Monday things were pretty fine—I was coughing, but I didn't feel sick. I felt like someone who had gotten over a nasty cough, and was still feeling the after-effects.

Monday night I knew for sure that I was not fine. Today I've been much worse: coughing, soreness all over, fever, chills, and now when I cough (or walk around) my left butt cheek stings a little. That's a fun one. Looks like I've got... the flu.

I'm sure I'll post a little more in a day or two; it's kind of uncomfortable to sit in front of the computer right now. I can't really say that the Zicam is doing anything (I guess it's for colds, and I probably have a flu)... but I can't say that it's NOT working either.


Anonymous said...

Only the left butt cheek? What a weird flu that is. Hope you feel better.

Travis said...

I'm assuming I just poked a nerve.