Monday, December 24, 2007

On a jet plane

Well, here I sit in the Minneapolis airport. It’s 2:30pm Central time, which means that I got up about eight hours ago at 4:30am Pacific time. Travis on four hours of sleep is not a particularly happy Travis. They’ve got wireless access here, but I haven’t really decided if it’s worth the five bucks an hour to use it, and I’m not terribly convinced by the ad-hoc computer-to-computer unsecured wireless network with the tantalizing name “Free Wireless Internet,” so I’m staying away from that one. So, for now, I’ll just post to a Word document.

Initially I feared that I would not make it to the airport on time; I took the bus to the airport, which costs about an hour and saves about $55 on a taxi. I had a layover in Seattle, and the transit tunnel was closed, and the signage was less than clear. I walked for about half a mile around Seattle looking for a bus that could take me to the airport with another confused Asian man named Li. We made it to a stop with about four minutes to spare. I’m tired of getting to the airport a full two hours before my flight like they always tell you, and 4:30 was early enough to wake up, so I decided to try to get there by 8:00 for my 9:00 flight. Security wasn’t actually all that bad; there were only about twenty people ahead of me. I guess nobody is in the airport at 8:00 on December 24.

As I was waiting for the rest of the passengers to board (why is everyone so desperate to line up to get on the plane early?), I thought to myself that so far, I can’t recall ever having sat next to a truly huge person, or anyone non-white on a plane before. I’d sat next to a big football player guy once on a plane with two seats on that side, and we were pretty cozy, but I can safely say that I can scratch one of those things off now. The woman in the middle seat next to me easily filled a seat and a half, and if I needed to come up with a single word to describe her, I’d probably pick “colossal.” (A more tactful word would probably be “jolly.”) She was nice, and extremely talkative—but that was not a comfortable flight. I’m just now getting feeling back in my legs. She was an English teacher flying in from Japan, and after having flown across the ocean into the Seattle airport on a flight delayed for a day, she had to fly to Minneapolis to get to her final destination in… Montana.

And that’s about all I’ve got right now. My flight doesn’t board for another two hours, so I’m getting ever closer to that time when I finally cave and pay them for internet access so I can fuel my addiction. I’d like to think that I’m strong enough—that I can last a couple hours without being online. But I forgot to bring a book, and there’s only so much Hexic that a man can play.

P.S. My battery life sucks.

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