Monday, December 10, 2007

In my head

I remember a few interesting things from my dreams last night. I remember that I was staying in a house outside the city in a wetlands sort of area. I think I was renting it for a week or two. The house's architecture was strange; it was like a bunch of small cubic rooms that were attached, clustered together and connected like a honeycomb. The interior of the house was reminiscent of my grandparents' house, but the outside was strange. There was a mouse problem, which it turned out was because the previous residents had a lot of pet mice and left them there when they vacated, and the mice eventually broke free and took over the house. When I arrived there were many cats roaming around, looking for a meal. I installed some live traps because I didn't have the heart to kill the mice, and they were someone's pets once, after all. I was doing this when I got a phone call.

There was a friend of mine who has sort of disappeared for the past week. For a while we were communicating once a day or so, but I stopped hearing from him a while back. The call I got was from him; he was just calling to say hi and apologize for not responding to emails, but he hung up quickly and abruptly during the conversation. I learned on the news that night that he had been arrested and jailed a week earlier, and then had escaped that day. They never said exactly what the crime was, but he had left a bloody pair of gloves and his cell phone when he went to pick up his paycheck at the Burger King in the UNL student union, and that police were looking for the only person he had called after escaping, so they could question him... me. Crimes that involve bloody gloves as clues are generally pretty bad, right?

After finding out that the police were after me, I panicked, and I was up on the house's strange multi-level, geometric roof, fearing that the police would be there for me any minute now, and my best bet to stay hidden was apparently to be on the roof of the house where they could probably see me for a mile. The dream ended there.

I can pick out where most of the elements of the dream come from in real life. The whole "person I used to talk to has disappeared off the face of the earth" scenario is happening right now, though they don't work at Burger King, and have probably never been in Nebraska. I think the mice showed up because there was a cutscene involving a mouse in Gears of War, which I was playing right before I went to bed. The strange house in the wetlands setting has shown up in a few dreams recently, and I'm not sure why. I guess I technically live in a house bordering wetlands, but mine really looks next to nothing like what I've been seeing in dreams. And I don't know where the whole "watching the news" part comes from; who does that except in movies?

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Anonymous said...

I love dream posts!

As for people watching the news, you've never met my father. The man watches the news 24/7.