Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Green ring

Well, I'm now an Xbox owner, for one or more of the following reasons:

  • My birthday is coming up very soon
  • Christmas is nearly here and I didn't have anything else in mind to buy myself
  • I got a slight company discount so I felt obligated to wait in the ridiculous line that wrapped around the outside of the building that contains our company store
  • I was going to buy an Xbox wireless controller for my computer anyway, and the whole system is only like 1500% more, so it was practically free
  • It looks so sexy in my living room
  • All my peers have one so I felt strangely pressured to get one too
  • My previous media center and server's fans are dying and loud, and I want it out of my living room
  • My previous media center and server's DVD drive is on its last legs

Regardless of how the facts work out, I just paid half a grand to play a ten-dollar board game that I already own. Soon, though, I'll get my server set up upstairs, and I'll be able to stream TV and music to my Xbox downstairs, which should be fun times in the end. As soon as I find the time...

(I'm Hratli on Xbox Live, in case you haven't added me yet.)

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