Monday, November 12, 2007

You never called

Back in the summer of 2001, after my freshman year in college, I had an interesting series of email discussions with my friend Andy that I had forgotten about until I found one through a keyword search a few days ago. I don't recall how it started exactly, but one of us (I think he did) sent the other an email with the subject line "You never called". The response was given the subject line "You never called about (topic)" rather than the standard "RE: You never called". This pattern continued for months, literally. Each new email response had a different subject line.

You never called about hardcore XXX pinochle action
You never called for UNIVERSITY DIPLOMAS, FAST LIKE NOW -abcfh
You never called and told me that "Duchovny" is Russian for "Syphillis"
You never called about crack spreads
You never called about Enya remixes

Also, we concluded most messages with a nonstandard salutation:

Until then, I wish you a mirthful Thursday (for yesterday) and a very, very focund Friday.
Anyway, have a lesbiantastic Tuesday!
Piss off... and have a gleeful Tuesday :P
Effervescent Sunday to you...
Have a thunderous, thrifty Thursday.

Actually, reading through these things, some of them are kind of like the random crap I'd have posted on a blog if anyone knew what a blog was in 2001. Looking through these emails is like going back in time: bitching about how much of a downright shame the awful TV game show based on the game You Don't Know Jack is, talking about how cool this 8 MB portable flash drive that fits on your keychain (!) is (I carry 2 GB with me now), that brand new music video Clint Eastwood from the brand new band Gorillaz, and how I wondered if there would ever be a subset of .NET that runs on a Mac. I can only hope that this blog will prove to be an interesting look at my life half a decade from now.

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Andy Misle said...

I was actually looking at them about six months ago, too... Aah, I miss the good ol' days.