Thursday, November 1, 2007

Synthetic milestones

I've now reached Milestone Two of my workout plan: the existence of biceps can be detected without the use of complicated machinery, and without flexing. Previously, only a doctor would have been able to observe any muscle tissue between my arm's Flabosphere and the Boneosphere. Now I can feel it there. I'm also down 5-7 pounds.

There's still a loooooooong way to go, absolutely. And, I'm making up the milestones as I go along. But, I'm motivated by change, not goals... goals are depressing—yes, stressful—yes, but motivating—no. This is not much by any stretch of the imagination, but it's more than nothing, and at the very least proves that physical torment does have some positive effect, so at least now I can justify it. Buying equipment for home use was a worthwhile purchase: it's a thousand times easier to be motivated to work out at home than at the gym.

(Now, if only I could get myself to work out and sleep, so I'd have something healthy and pleasant to counteract the healthy and unpleasant.)

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