Friday, November 9, 2007

Signing for packages

Companies who ship things with signatures required are the bane of my existence. I really, really wish I could sign a waiver and have all things marked "signature required" delivered without a signature. But, I've asked FedEx and UPS for such a thing that they say it's not possible, and I assume it's the case with other carriers. Sigh. At least USPS isn't quite as bad; I can ask them to redeliver on a Saturday.


Meagan Longoria said...

At least you know your packages don't get thrown into the apartment abyss. At my building, the office can sign for packages. But the office is only open from 9 - 6, I don't get home before 6. So I have to wait until the weekends to get packages, which isn't a big deal. But then the office signs for packages and never leaves me a notice that they arrived. I had online tracking for a package that arrived this week, and I went to the office Saturday to pick it up. They not only hadn't notified me, but didn't have record of the package arriving. I had the guy go back and find it, and of course it was there. His excuse was that it must have just arrived, but I know it had been there for two days.

Travis said...

Yeah, I hated always having to pick up packages the next day when I lived in an apartment.

MajorLB said...

Sometimes if you get in good with the delivery guy they'll make exceptions. Our UPS guy leaves things in this shed we have on our property. So, maybe if you have somewhere to put it that isn't just on the front steps, they'll be more accommodating. Of course it's still probably against rules, so you have to have a cool UPS guy.