Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Someday I'm going to work for whatever organization decides that albums should have "explicit content" stickers (or are they self-selected? I dunno), and I'm going to impose a rule of my own: any album where the first single sounds totally different from the rest of the disc gets its own warning sticker.

Desperate for radio play warning: this album is nothing like the cool single you heard

Luckily, I now have free.napster.com to protect me from CDs that aren't nearly as good as their singles.

For example: Jape—Floating is good, and the CD it is from is not.

Update: Since this blog educates as it entertains, I feel compelled to inform you that the parental advisory sticker is indeed self-selected; there is no group who decides what it goes on as there is for movie ratings.


Anonymous said...

That would be awesome. I've got a few CD's that were like this. One was so horrible that I actually considered throwing it out the window of my car. Knowing my luck, if I had done that, I would have gotten fined for littering.

Anonymous said...

Movies needn't be rated, but unrated films generally don't get distribution. It's probably similar for EXPLICIT CONTENT.

Some overprotective Mommy would hear Timmy's new CD, frantically search for the EXPLICIT CONTENT label she had surely missed, fail to find it, and start a grassroots bored upperclass housewives association to extract revenge for tainting poor Timmy (who, unbeknownst to Mommy had already been using his obscene allowance to finance his snort-coke-off-hooker-tits habit for nearly four months prior).