Friday, November 23, 2007


I was on bread duty this Thanksgiving, so I made Polish Buchty rolls and pumpkin mini-muffins. Both turned out well. The muffins I'd made several times before, and they're pretty simple and delicious. The rolls were a bit more complicated. They took at least an hour or so of actual prep time, and about three more hours of dough rising, which is far more effort than I am normally willing to put into food. They're somewhere between springy dinner rolls and flaky biscuits in consistency, and mildly sweet—nothing like a cinnamon roll, but just a thin sugary coating on the outside. I'm glad that they were tasty, because I'd never tried them before and was judging them solely based on the picture and ingredient list in a bread book.

Making those rolls and muffins took many hours, including cleanup and the like. It's amusing to bake every once in a while (it'd been many, many months since the last time), but I don't really feel like I get the value of my time when I do, so it doesn't happen too often.

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