Saturday, October 20, 2007


Over time, many people have entrusted with me some very private secrets, including people who I don't even know that well. I've been told at least once that it was because I'm a trustworthy guy and they felt comfortable telling me and only me that fact. I guess I kind of just assumed that was the only reason. But, I just thought of two other reasons why people might have felt comfortable to tell me things that they didn't tell anyone else:

  1. I am good at projecting the fa├žade of being a good listener. (Well, I actually am a pretty good listener, unless you're boring me, in which case I pretend to be one, and usually that's all people want anyway.)
  2. It is fairly likely that I will forget what you tell me.

Already, many of these secret details have been lost to the ages. I know you told me something private a long time ago, but I don't remember what.


Matthew Johnson said...

I predict that when you're 70, you'll develop anti-Alzheimer's and start spewing off secrets left and right. Fortunately, it probably won't matter anymore that you're not keeping them.

Travis said...

My grandfather has Alzheimer's and it's really sad. Please don't make fun of people with the disease. :(


No, just kidding. Alzheimer's is a really funny disease. Go nuts.