Monday, October 15, 2007

The Ten Storms

Well, this weekend I sold my few pieces of The Ten Storms. They were some of the more elite and prestigious pieces of armor that a shaman in World of Warcraft could own before The Burning Crusade expansion pack hit in January. In the scope of all World of Warcraft players, sure, a lot of players had those items, seeing as there are nine million people playing, but only a small fraction of them owned any piece of The Ten Storms. They represented some hard work, some skill, some dedication, and some luck. But, as with all items from nearly a year ago, they aren't as good as what I have now, and I'd never find myself wearing them again. I was saving them around for nostalgia value. But, practicality has won out, and I don't have room to spare to keep those things around. So I sold them. When non-commodity items are sold in World of Warcraft, they don't belong to another player; they're lost forever. Gone.

I'd already sold Maexxna's Fang a couple months ago, a dagger that I'm fairly certain no other character on my server has ever owned. But, again, better things are available now, and inventory space concerns won out over that iota of prestige I might have had from owning a virtual item in an online game.

I tend to obsess about retaining keepsakes in role-playing games. I've still got a bunch of old saved games lying around, and the characters in those games have all sorts of mementos of past exploits and adventures stored away somewhere. I'm just a sentimental kind of guy, I guess. It's not like I'm ever going to install Knights of the Old Republic and try out all of those different-colored lightsaber crystals I collected.

(I've still got my complete set of The Earthfury, though. I can't bear to get rid of it just yet, simply because I look so smashing when I put it on.)

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