Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Orange Box

Well, I just finished Half-Life 2 Episode Two, the last game in The Orange Box that I'm all that excited about. (I'm not too keen on Team Fortress 2, but I'm sure I'll try it someday.) Considering Portal, Episode One, and Episode Two, I got my $45 worth... I already had Half-Life 2, so if you don't have that yet or you're interested in Team Fortress 2, it's a great buy. And, honestly, it's probably a worthwhile buy even if you already had Episode One and were buying it for Episode Two and Portal; it's still only about three bucks an hour. You could do much worse.

And damn you, Achievement Points. I have not yet fallen into the trap of forcing myself to do ridiculous things to get them like so many Xbox 360 owners (these are Steam achievements, not Xbox achievements), but I did go for the straightforward ones like "kill 20 people with your car."

These guys haven't heard of Partial Credit.

Oh, and just in time. Hellgate: London arrives tomorrow to seal the deal and ensure that I won't be productive for weeks on end. This is a good time to have five weeks of vacation stored up.

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