Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mom and Dad

Well, the parental units who had been staying with me since the end of last week have packed up and returned home to Nebraska. They're pretty easy to get along with in small doses; they really only drove me nuts when it was 18 years all in one stretch. It was a nice little mini-vacation, though as always, it would have been nice to have thought ahead and taken an extra day off before returning to work so I could actually relax for a day while I'm spending vacation time anyway. At least I got eight hours of sleep last night; that was pretty excellent and unexpected.

We went to Vancouver, middle-eastern Washington, and had planned to go to western Washington but were rained out. I'm not entirely sure why we ventured all the way to a foreign nation to mostly only visit an aquarium when there is a perfectly good aquarium none of us had been to in Seattle, but I guess there's something slightly more interesting about sightseeing after a moderately lengthy road trip. Maybe.

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Matthew Johnson said...

Aren't parents great? When mine were here, I was 24-hour a day entertainment mode. I completely agree that it's a great way to feel like you haven't had a break.