Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The many faces of Travis

Here are all of the AOL Instant Messenger buddy icons that I've used since 2002, or at least all of them that I could find. Each one says a little something about me. Maybe.

(Click for a slightly larger version)

A few icons of note:

Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me
Once, after watching the music video for Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me, I decided that the bunnies were cute and decided to make the "1" bunny a buddy icon. A little later, someone asked me if I finally found a girlfriend. I then corrected things and made a new buddy icon based on the "0" bunny.

Non-Handicapped Accessible
This one was in pretty poor taste, which, well, is me. I was trying to decide what a sign that meant "not handicapped accessible" might look like. This was my favorite idea that came up during brainstorming. I made a poster of it and put it on my door in college. It made a couple people kind of angry.

Stick porn
This one makes more sense in its original, animated form. Click to see it animate.

SharePoint Designer 12
When we were building SharePoint Designer, it was a new product and therefore it didn't have a logo or icon yet. This is the placeholder icon we got, I presume from the Office design folks: a mostly nondescript purple square. What better icon to visually describe the program that lets you "Create and customize Microsoft SharePoint Web sites and build workflow-enabled applications"?

Most of the rest are cryptic references to nerdy things.

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Anonymous said...

I am greatly amused by your mosaic. Should I be worried that I recognize many of the random nerdy things?

Also, I had never seen the music video for Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me. Thanks.