Sunday, September 30, 2007


Well, yesterday was the first time I've had anything of any real value stolen from me. I mean, a kid stole a brown Crayola marker from me when I was little, but that was decades ago. Yesterday, while I was visiting Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, someone broke into our rental car and stole the following:

  • Four CDs*
  • An opened bag of assorted cookies
  • An umbrella

They didn't steal anything else or damage the vehicle—they left behind backpacks, road atlases, beef jerky, Red Bull, water, and my dad's butterfly net. Oh well... it certainly could have been worse. At least the thieves had good taste in music.

Currently stolen: * Keane—Under the Iron Sea, KT Tunstall—Drastic Fantastic, Muse—Black Holes and Revelations, Mute Math—Mute Math


Kanji said...

Whatsup with your Segway? Still commuting on it?

Travis said...

Yep, still using it every day, and still enjoying it.