Sunday, September 30, 2007

So, in this scene

For your amusement (or not) at my expense, check out my first acting job in a Microsoft recruiting video:

I'm in the first video after the orange line, "Cowboy Roy meets an SDE." I'm at the back left of the conference table. Watch me (from a terribly unflattering angle) pretend to have a meeting right before the singing cowboy follows the frightened young developer into the bathroom.

You can also meet someone on my team in the video "Cowboy Roy meets an SDET" and the follow-up "John's interview."


Anonymous said...

And this video is supposed to make people WANT to get a job at Microsoft?!?

So, were you able to keep a straight face through the taping of this?

Travis said...

It was somewhat challenging. By the time they got to that take, though, I was pretty used to the singing cowboy.