Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lost in (cramped) space

Time for another dream story. Last night, I dreamed that I got lost in the crawl space of my house. In my dream, my house was extremely large, and seemed to be a juxtaposition of old and new—the passages were deteriorated stone, but there were also things like modern metal heating ducts. There were four of us wandering around, trying to find an exit—the entire dream took place while we were lost back there, and we never did make it out. Besides myself, there was one coworker, one guy who works in the same building with whom I do not actually work, and a blonde girl who doesn't exist in real life. (I seem to recall there being five, actually, but I don't know anything about who that other person would have been.)

We wandered around in the crawl space, hidden passage, or whatever it was for quite a while. We came across broken stairways, twisting passages, and all sorts of adventure movie stereotypes. At one point we had to climb into a heating duct that was dangerous to get into, and it was then that the dream contained Dramatic Adventure Movie Escape Cliché #1: I found myself reaching down from the duct, pulling the next person up after they had slipped and were at risk of falling down to certain death, while the person ahead of me held onto my feet so I didn't fall down myself.

Movies have ruined my brain. In fact, if you were to argue that the random blonde woman was only present because she herself is a movie cliché: the pretty but helpless female who needs constant assistance from the men, but likely proves herself to be strong and self-confident after all by the end.

Anyway, like most of my dreams, there was no real point and no real resolution; I merely woke up instead of actually escaping the treacherous passage.

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